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Paper abstract, patent specification, claims, notice of review comments, PCT patent application documents, patent standards, patent laws, patent litigation, etc.


Mechanical, chemical, electronic, communications, metallurgical, building, IT, agricultural, biological, pharmaceutical, etc.


Talent: BBT translation team consists of project managers, industrial experts, translation experts, professional translator, and QA manager, and all of the members of the team have science and engineering background and language proficiency, laying a good foundation for rapidly understanding the full text.

Experience: Through years of experience in patent translation, we know the patent translation requirements and norms, and can translate in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of patents.

Management: We adopt standard and effective process management model, which is able to adapt to the translation needs of diffident types of customers.

Resources: Through years of practice in patent translation, we have accumulated a professional terminology database covering several millions of words, so as to better meet the consistency requirements of patent translation.