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We understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance when offering translation and interpretation services in a business environment. It is for this reason that all of our translators and interpreters have signed confidentiality agreements with Fresta.

In addition, we have a binding confidentiality agreement that we sign upon the request of our clients at no extra cost. Many of our international clients have already signed our confidentiality agreement.

1. Implement a strict confidentiality mechanism to any of customer’s documents, and carry out special confidentiality measures according to the special requirements of customers;

2. Any information of customers will not be disclosed to third parties without the permission of the customers;

3. Take strict internal confidentiality measures, and designate specialist to be specifically responsible for each link;

4. Take independent data protection measures and mechanisms for electronic files, and adopt password and self-destruct mechanism in case of non-normal access;

5. Under normal circumstances, customer’s materials will be kept for two weeks, and will be completely deleted or destroyed after two weeks or immediately as required.