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(1) Rejection/re-submission editing

This service is suitable for authors whose manuscripts have been rejected or need to be revised before resubmission. Under this service, a project manager will first assess the peer reviewer’s comments, and then customize an editing service package to deliver a manuscript that is consistent with the expectations of the journal. Journal manuscript resubmission involves multiple rounds of editing and close correspondence between the editor and author.

• Evaluation of reviewer comments

• Journal selection

• Substantive editing/rewriting

• Artwork editing

• Cover letter writing

(2)Pre-submission review

Peer-reviewing is a measure of quality control exercised by journals and publishing houses. While a manuscript may benefit from a reviewer’s expert opinions, unfortunately, in some cases, these opinions also seal the fate of the author.

Our peer reviewer from your field exercises will review the content of your manuscript before submission to a journal, by assessing the quality of research and writing, with a view to increase your chances of publishing. The Pre-submission Peer Review report consists of a set of recommendations to improve your manuscript before submission.

(3) Journal selection assistant

Acceptance by publications is as much an indication of accurate journal selection as of high-quality research. The journal that publishes your paper determines your audience, your chances of being cited, and most importantly your reputation in your field of specialization.

Selecting the right scientific journal can be challenging, especially for first-time authors or multi-disciplinary research studies. For previously published authors, accurate journal selection for publication ensures speedy dissemination of their manuscript. This helps manage time efficiently; as a manuscript can only be submitted to one journal at a time, and the peer-review process is often time consuming.

Through our service, we can help you in journal selection for your manuscript. Our team of consultants, consisting of published authors and former peer reviewers of various journals, will analyze your manuscript and recommend a list of 5 journals after considering the following factors:

• Field of study

• Purpose of publishing / Motivation to publish

• Urgency to publish

• Accessibility features (open access, etc.)

• Article type (Letter, Original Article, Review, etc.)

• Significance of article in its field of specialty

(4) Manuscript submission assistant

Currently, most journals require E-submission of manuscripts, which is a tedious process, but sometimes the understanding of the submission procedures and skills is difficult. We can help you submit your manuscript to the selected journal based on the journal requirements. We will also monitor the status of the reviewing.

(5) Formatting

Every journal has its own requirements on the contents, figures and references of manuscripts. We can help you format your manuscript according to the journal requirements, with consideration of each detail.