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Are you getting trouble in the ongoing conference? We can help you arrange flow, ground, program, catering, equipment, typesetting and printing, budge, etc., providing a satisfactory conference plan, and achieving time-saving, worry-saving and labor-saving.

Preparation and Implementation

Comprehensive conference planning is the premise of successful completion of the conference. The whole planning should be well-organized and compressive. The expected effect may not be achieved without professional planning and sufficient preparation. Good conference planning halves the battle, including conference site booking, hotel reservation, conference site layout, installation and commissioning of equipment required for the conference, design and fabrication of advertising gifts, etiquette, catering, pickup and delivery of participants, and arrangement of activities during and after the conference.

Conference Site booking

We will select the place for holding the conference according to the level of the conference; we will decide the place for holding the conference according to the requirements for the around environment; and we will decide the arrangement of parallel sessions, select the places for the parallel sessions, and book for you in advance.

Conference Site Arrangement and Equipment Installation & Debugging

We will design and arrange the layout of the conference based on the physical circumstances of the conference, meticulously and comprehensively considering all details’ we will provide all equipment required for the conference based on your need, and place on the specified place in advance; and we will set up the equipment in advance according to your need, and carry out exercises to ensure the smooth progress of the conference.

Design & Preparation for Printing Materials

We will provide turkey design and print services of brochures and other prints for your conference; we will design the style, content and pattern of the prints based on the specific requirements of the conference; we will deliver the prints to the conference or the specified sites in advance as required.

Shuttle Service for Participants

We will arrange cars according to the specific situations and number of the participants; our cars will arrive at the specified place early to wait for the participants to rapidly and safely drive the participants to the conference site or the hotel.

Catering for Participants

We will order various types of meals based on the preferences of the participants, including western style food, Chinese meals, buffet dinners, banquets, etc.; and we will suggest different dinning places according to the physical circumstances of the participants, and the places of the conference and hotel.

Entertainment Planning for Participants

We will design different forms of leisure based on the preferences of the participants; we will design special tourism routes to facilitate your traveling; and well will introduce the recreation facilities around the hotel where you live in.