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On-the-spot records for conferences

Records for press conferences, on-line living broadcast, forum, workshops, chatting with a welcome guest, lectures, lectures… The stenography staff will record the speech of the welcome guest using special input equipment, and save as text document.

Website text broadcasting

On the site of chatting with the welcome guest, we will record the chatting content. The living broadcasting can be achieved through the corresponding software only by directly transmitting the recorded content to the Internet.

On-the-spot records for interviews

At the same time of your interviewing, we will completely transfer the interviewed contents into WORD, dispensing with the tedious work of sorting.

Record/video tape compiling

According to the customer need, we will convert the content in the disks (CD, VCD, DVD, MP3, and MD), recorder pens by typing credential within the shortest speed.

Video subtitle compiling

The service is provided specifically for films and movies.

On-the-spot records for symposia

Rapidly record for market survey companies, record the information required by the survey to a draft, so as to prepare some fussy report in the late stage.

On-the-spot records for negotiations

Provide negotiation records to both sides.

Telephone records

Transmit the sound by telephones, and send back the stenography draft by virtue of E-mails.

Court records

Record the speeches of the defender and party C, creating prerequisite for the count developing paperless office businesses.


Translate audio, video and texts to Chinese, and submit electronically. (the sound is required to be clear)